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Here is a light, entertaining spell book that features spells and charms from around the world for inviting good luck back into your life and banishing problems and misfortune. Whether you’re looking for a lucky lottery ticket, good luck on an interview, audition, or first date, or a lucky charm to bless your new home or new baby, you’ll find exactly what you need. Also includes spells and charms for reversing bad luck, like job loss, money problems, or a health challenge.


Contents include: Spells and Charms to Invite Good Luck: Lucky in Love Charm * A Lucky Crystal Talisman * A Lucky Gnome * Travel Luck * A Lucky Child * Spells and Charms to Banish Bad Luck: Losing Your Job Spell * Unlucky in Love Spell * Stop the Gossip Spell * Bad Landlord Spell * Lost Soul Spell