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To cast this love spell that works you first need to light up the candle. Burn a small amount of plants that correspond to the ritual in a prepared and well-insulated bowl. Imagine how your lost lover is coming back to you. Imagine his arrival. Keep in mind the qualities you want from your partner. Spread the petals in the area where you work. Take one at a time and write a word like: lost love, lover, comes back, partner, happiness, passion, romance, love spell, works. Lift each printed ribbon over the candle and imagine that your request goes to the universe to act. After that, save the patch in a red purse that, after completing the ritual, wrap


Bath Love Spell That Works

This is the easiest love spell that beginners can cast. A bath is a symbol that attracts the lost love, emphasizes beauty and attractiveness. To cast this love spell you need: Plants: iris, hamster - cobbler, rosemary, - for romance Red candle - for passionate connection Fill the bath as often as you like. Turn on the candles. Put all ingredients into water. Get in the tub. Visualize the arrival of your lost lover. To make it work this love spell, you need to say aloud these words: "Let my lost love come to me, I call the romance / passion of Venus to myself, Iris gives its power, my dear will come now. Listen to all the sirens, your tree and name. May my will be fulfilled which, according to my desire, must be. Let it be." Leave the water to leak; then extinguish the candle. Comfort yourself and continue with the ritual you choose. Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer, do not use soap or rinse your body. If you do everything right, the love spell should start working within a 24 hours. This is simple love spell that even beginners can cast.