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This is one love spell that is proven to work, and which will bring back your lost lover. To cast this love spell you need to use a combination of ritual magic with candles, herbs and crystals. It is proven that this love spell is absolutely effective and works, but before performing it, it is necessary to carefully examine each of its steps, otherwise the love spell can give a negative result. It is also desirable to do special meditations of elements of water and elements of fire that control emotions, desires and passions, so that these elements and their properties are more easily applied during the performance of the love spell. To cast this love spell you need: - Red candle - Needle - Pullover - Red rose petals - A red linen bag (a piece of red canvas or silk-sewn!) - Herbs that attract love: basil, cedar, cinnamon - male aphrodisiac, ginger, clover, four-leaf clover (no more than 4!), red rose, jasmine, patchouli, strawberry - Essential oils: cinnamon, cloves, jasmine, rose, strawberries - Rocks: pink quartz, pink crystal It might be a little difficult love spell for beginners because to make it work, in this love spell are needed a lot of ingredients. So you will need time to collect all of them, or to go to different stores! But it will all be worth, because after you complete this love spell your lost lover will absolutely come back in your arms.



To make this love spell work, it is the best to cast it during a full moon or rising moon on Friday, one hour after sunset during the reign of Venus. In other cases, it is essential that the love spell is performed during the rising (approaching the full moon), and not the falling moon when the energy is rising. Do not do the love spell immediately after a full moon. Performing the spell: Wash the needle in salt water and with the needle write these words on the candle: lost, love, lover, comeback, romance, passion, love spell, work (or other by your own desire, but the words must be