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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

With the clarity that love brings, you have the power to make some of the first conscious choices of your life. This is an incredibly powerful place to be and from which to act. You have to understand that most people (most likely you too) have never made a conscious choice in their lives. If you don't know who you are and why you do what you do, you are usually operating from cultural programs without really understanding them. You don't know what you are after, why you feel what you feel, why some situations draw you and others repulse you, and so on. That's why I'm such a firm advocate of the journal and other ways of doing self-introspection. It's simply to help you to know yourself. Until you know what's going on inside, you don't really know what is driving you. And the self-discoveries will go in waves of understanding because it seems that most of us can't take the whole truth at one shot. So we pass through one set of illusions on our way to deeper self-love, and then we find another set of illusions. This is okay. It gives us time to adjust to the enormity of the power of love.

Because the depth of our ability to change is extraordinary. If we can create rockets and space stations through our combined consciousness, what else can we do? People can read this blog post pretty much anywhere there is an Internet connection all around the world because of what people have created. This is the power of our focused energy and attention. What happens if we are focusing our loving intention towards something? What happens if others join with us? What does that do in re-shaping the world? I want to know. Do you?

Love Will Rock the Boat

One of the things a lot of us feel as we let go of these things that do not serve us is a sense of empowerment and energy. We may also feel more at peace when we are no longer forcing ourselves to live out fantasies and perpetuate lies. Make no mistake about it;

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