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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

When it comes to design, the Love and power aren't commonly combined, or if so, it's usually in only the most misunderstood and juvenile of ways. Love is power, and power is love the deeper you drop into the truth. But it's not about giving everyone hugs and kisses. The truth is--and those of you who regularly read this blog already know--that love can hurt. Love can be a tough taskmaster because sometimes we need a heavy hammer to break through our outer ego shells. Lotto instant winnings | Bring wealth caster

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This isn't done out of cruelty, however. The pressure and intensity of our own love is simply trying to free us, and if we've put tons and tons of energy into creating walls and defenses, then love will come with an equal or greater measure of intensity and energy to break us out. Ultimately, the cruelty is our own. It is in our ignorance, our avoidance, our fears, and our illusions. These are the things that cause us to suffer, and these are the things that have corrupted our ideas of power and what it means to be powerful.

To become a powerful person has nothing to do with bombs, money, or what you can get others to do for you. It has to do with being fully in your own love. In this place, you are an uncontrollable force. You transcend the normal limitations of the human being who is trapped by their own fears, and everything becomes possible for you

Is This Too Good to Be True?

There's an old saying (I think it came out of the time of the Nazi's) that if you tell a big enough lie long enough, everyone (or most people) will believe it. This is why most of you don't believe that you're an uncontrollable (but not out of control) force of love. This is why you don't believe that everything is possible for you. Keep in mind that this isn't about naive and silly things like being able to fly like Superman. This is where the ego likes to go to disprove such statements like everything is possible. The ego is always looking for an excuse. If you read through this blog, there may at best be 70% of useful insights for you.

The Dissolving of Hatred Spells

What a lot of this disempowerment boils down to is self-hatred. We've been taught to not like ourselves and to reject ourselves. That rejection is the basis of all hatred. Where acceptance is the basis of love, hatred keeps us unhappy, which is why we keep striving for more things, experiences, and so forth. As a result, we try to avoid all the upset feelings arising from this program which says that we are not okay as we are

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