Bay Leaf is a powerful herb many witches use often for protection, fast luck, court, healing, and PROSPERITY! An old trick to attract money is to take a Bay Leaf and place it next to a bill in your wallet. Make sure you tuck it in there good or you could tape it with a piece of clear tape. My own way is to take it and write your name on it. You can also draw money symbols on it. I always use a green ball point pen or regular pen. You can use black if you like.


 You are going to pray or chant asking the Bay Leaf as if it were spirit to for wealth and abundance . After, then I place it in my wallet. So you can do the basic way with just placing it in your wallet next your money or you can do it my way. Either way works fine.


Another trick for a business owner is to take a Bay Leaf and place it under your cash register or on it with clean also take a pin or nail it down in front of your door or doormat to bring in wealth.