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Human beings, it seems, have an irresistible attraction to the color red. Rubies are the most precious of all gems, wearing red has been shown to increase attractiveness in dating studies, and marketing experts tell us that red-hued ads get more clicks than any other color. It should come as no surprise that red candles are among our best-sellers here at the Grove!


Most beginner Witches can tell you that a red candle is used for spells of power and passion. In our advanced candle magick series, we go deeper into the meaning of each candle color to help you refine your candle choices.


What can you conjure up with a red candle? Here’s a big ole list of the red candle’s magickal uses:


To achieve fame or power


To attract a sexual partner


To ignite vitality in oneself


To return negative magick to its sender


To keep an enemy away


Increasing willpower and confidence