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Modern-day witches don’t have cauldrons or fly around on brooms. Black cats aren’t compulsory (although you can have one if you want) and there’s no need to put on a pointy hat.


Casting a spell is a great way to focus on what you want in life and set your intentions towards your goals.


“Witchcraft is about embracing life and trying to make the world a better place for everyone, no matter what their faith, religion, colour, creed or sex,”


“It’s a nature-based belief and we use the seasons, herbs, colours, candles, the moon and the sun to help with spells to attain our dreams and desires, and those of others.”


According to ME, magick can help you find the job you want and maintain a happy relationship.


But remember to use your powers for good – witches believe that if you do something morally wrong then it will come back to haunt you. “If you use it frivolously to do harm or only for selfish means, you can bet it will come back to bite you,

Read on to try three spells to boost your wellbeing…

Making friends spell

Some people can make friends just like that, but for others it’s not so easy. You might be shy or worried about making the first move. You might have had to move away from your home town, or you’ve just started a new job. This spell will help you to make and keep new friends.


You will need:

A blank postcard

A gold pen

A bay leaf

Clear adhesive tape

30cm of thin gold ribbon

What you do:

Do this spell on a Sunday or a Wednesday, or on a new or full moon. The postcard is to write your request for new friends