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Voodoo can be used in different ways in different means, Voodoo is just a name given by humans to describe sort of evil magic black magic also one of the names humans invent to describe the relation between the magician and his demonic forces to cause changes on the victims, using very evil and dark forces to inflect harm and damage on the victims by using higher satanic forces.


Humans mixing always between names and results, there is nothing called good magic or bad magic, black magic or white magic, it is all evil using unseen forces and evil methods to create new reality or to change destiny or to harm someone ,any way it is essential in any correct effective magic in order to work effectively or to be served directly from higher satanic entity is to involve blood sacrificing, it could be animal or human, but the most and strongest and darkest black magic is when the magician sacrifice young baby human, thank God such rituals is nearly vanished in last decades


i must here also explain how the real black magic works so the viewers and whom calling themselves paranormal expert have better understanding to this subject ,when the trained magician perform black magic he needs to get the assist of higher evil demonic forces to get his magic work, which we call them the magic servants (the satanic demons whom they are responsible for activating and securing the magic) these demons have leader or prince and the magician should offer sort of contract with reward by sacrificing blood through his magic rituals, in this contract the magician must follow the terms of the contract through the rituals by killing black cat for example or disgrace the holly books of God or drinking blood ,,,,and so on , each prince have his own rituals and terms ,the magician should follow it to get assist ,and ones the ritual is done correctly the demon will send his lower demonic soldiers to activate and serve this specific spells or magic work as the magician wished, now after that the magician or the witch will start writing or saying her spells and if the prince(prince is higher satanic demon ruler of lowers group of different kind of demons soldiers) accept it the magician will get answer that his work have been accepted and the last step is to connect the victim to the magic by throwing it in front of the victim home or to put in the victim food or drink, sometimes the magician could use private stuff from the victim, anyway ,here the job of the magician is finished and completed the last step will be when the servant demons will activate the efficiency of the curse by doing what the magician asked for like for example make x man to hates his wife ,or let x have illness, or let x women to not be able to be pregnant and so on.