Diamond money spells Materials and supplies:


One brown candle

An orange Paper (letter size)

One pen


Dried orange peel




A coin (preferably gold in colour)

Timing: Perform this spell during the waxing moon or the full moon and/or on a Thursday




Gather all of your supplies and cast your circle.

Hold the brown candle in your hand and focus on ever-expanding wealth

Visualize a golden light of the energy of abundance filling your body, circle, and life

Meditate on gratitude as this energy fills your aura

Put the candle down and light it.

Write “Money come, Money Flow, Money Dance, Money Grow” on the slip of paper

Place the coin in the middle of the paper, and sprinkle a pinch of each herb onto the coin in the paper.

Fold the paper around the coin tightly.

Make an incision in the orange and place the paper-wrapped coin inside it.

Repeat the wealth incantation that you have just written down out loud three times while performing your abundance/golden light visualization and holding the orange in your non-dominant hand.

Open the circle and keep the orange on your altar for seven days.

On the seventh day, remove the coin from the packet, and give it to a charitable cause.

Remember that the abundance you have visualized is always available to you so long as you remain open to it. Do not allow fear, worry or any other negative feelings about money to close you off from your connection to abundance. Casting the spell is only one part, but if you want lasting prosperity,

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